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Carlson Key E Suppositories with Natural Vitamin E 24 Soothing Inserts

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24 Insert

Carlson Vitamin E Suppositories Description

  • For Vaginal or Rectal Use
  • 24 Soothing inserts

Carlson Key-E Suppositories are natural soothing inserts prepared with a base derived from coconut and palm oils. Each suppository supplies 30 IU of Natural-Source Vitamin E.

Directions:Remove foil by holding suppository with pointed end up and separating foil tabs at top with fingernail. Slowly pull apart by pulling tabs down on both sides. Remove suppository from wrapper. Insert one suppository as needed one or more times daily to soothe minor irritations. Non-laxative.

Store at room temperature. If soft, place in refrigerator for firmness. Warning: Keep out of reach of children. In case of rectal bleeding, consult your doctor.


Hydrogenated Coconut and palm oils  & Natural-Source Vitamin E ( tocopheryl acetate and mixed tocopherols)

For your safety, suppositories are packaged in tamper-evident sealed foil. Do not use if foil is torn or open.

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Avg. rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 26 reviews

5 Star Rating

After having a complete hysterectomy I noticed my vagina getting dry to the point where it hurt. My GYN recommended these and they work great.
Highly Recommend

5 Star Rating

This product has been a life saver. After the menopause I started to experience constant burning and irritation due to the change in my ph levels resulting in utis - meaning I was having to take anti-biotic non-stop. Having discovered this product I use daily. A whole one is a little much so I just use half. It stops all burning and irritation of the internal tissue and calms everything down.
Highly recommend this product

4 Star Rating

I suffer with vaginal atrophy and have only used these suppositories for a month but I have noticed a great improvement - the soreness has diminished and you dont get the horrible discharge you get from using other vaginal moisturisers. I would highly recommend this product.
still waiting.....

2 Star Rating

Im still waiting to see if the product works. The biggest problem so far is the packaging: SO DIFFICULT TO OPEN.any suggestions Seems to break-up even when Im carefull
5 Star Rating

Excellent for post - menopausal dryness. I dont want to take estrogen products. Suppositories dissolve nicely and dont drip out. I use them every other day to maintain vaginal moisture. Excellent product.0
good price to try them for

3 Star Rating

very soothing but very messy 2 pairs of pants needed at least
great product

5 Star Rating

I really like this product. It is easy to use and does what it said it would do.
5 Star Rating

I have a job getting this product in the UK and am delighted to be able to purchase it here. These have been a lifesaver for me. Entirely natural they are an unbeatable product and have so many uses after menopause. I highly rate them.
Great alternative to hormone cream

4 Star Rating

Very happy with this product but a little concerned about the use of hydrogenated oils and the chemicals involved in that process particularly as I bought the product as a chemical free alternative to the traditional treatments. Still far better than using the medical alternatives but in order to allow buyers to make a fully informed choice this shouldcould be included on the website description.
5 Star Rating

I have used this product for ages. They are not always in stock at Amazon so I have had to find them elsewhere and believe me they are hard to get in the UK. This product is great for a variety of problems and very gentle. I cant use chemicals and like to keep additives to a minimum. They are safe healing work well and I have no problem with them a miracle since I have allergies to all sorts of things. They are a must have.
5 Star Rating

Excellent product. Suffers from heat during shipping to southern states in summer. Recovers under refrigeration.
Not Good

1 Star Rating

I have used this product for years and was pleased until now. The ones I received today are soft and disintegrated in the foil package. While they are not liquified they are none the less unusable as inserts.
5 Star Rating

Very good product. Easy to use gentle and good results.
Very Good

4 Star Rating

Very good product. Packaging is hard to open though and many have snapped in half when trying to open foil.
This product works for me

5 Star Rating

The Carlson Key E product has changed my life. The dryness and irritation has gone. I use a whole one 4-5 times per week.The individual suppositories are difficult to open I usually wind up using my teeth...please look into the design of the packaging.Thank you
5 Star Rating

The Carlson Key E suppositories have been very effective in relieving the irritation and discomfort I have had for several years.I am so delighted that I found this simple natural solution Thank you Esther
Good product

4 Star Rating

I think they are helping with dryness. A little hard to open at first but I am getting used to it I would buy again.

1 Star Rating

I have not been able to use them. When I opened one, some liquid burst out of the insert right into my face and hair. There was no warning that this may happen and I had to wash my face and shampoo my hair. I realized - too late- that all the suppositories had become not just soft, but liquid. Contrary to other suppositories, they cannot stand any heat. I am thinking about returning them.
A+++ product

5 Star Rating

So far, i am very pleased with this product! It was affordable and a good quality product!
5 Star Rating

Have used them for a fissure and got rid of it! My Dr. was quite surprised.
5 Star Rating

I couldn't find these for awhile and was glad when I discovered them again. I won't be without them. For anyone who suffers from vaginal atrophy or dryness, they are a big help.
5 Star Rating

Works very nicely and is easy to use.
5 Star Rating

Excellent product, excellent customer service - no complaints.
4 Star Rating

I have been desperately looking for something to ease the pain of a fissure and have tried these suppositories for the last few weeks. They definitely seem to be helping and although it has not healed yet it does relieve my symptoms so I am going to continue to use them. I have not found anything else in the UK like this product so am relieved that I now have something which may help.
5 Star Rating

I received the package on time and i was satisfied with the quality of the product. thank you
5 Star Rating

The product arrived sooner than I expected and is exactly what I ordered. I would order from My Natural Market again.

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