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Doctor's Best
Double-Strength SAMe 400 60 Vegan Tablets

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Doctors Best Double Strength SAMe Description


  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Science-based nutrition
  • Dietary supplement
  • Enhances mood and neural function*
  • Promotes joint comfort and mobility*
  • Supports liver health and detoxification*

Doctor's Best Double-Strength SAMe 400 contains 400 mg of active SAMe in each tablet. Doctor's Best utilizes only the highest quality Italian SAMe available on the market. This ensures that you receive the most potent SAMe product with the highest percentage of the active S,S form per serving, bar none.

S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) is derived from the amino acid methionine and is one of the most important methyl donors in the central nervous system. Methylation (donation of methyl groups) is an essential process in ensuring the proper function of a number of organ systems. SAMe is involved in numerous biochemical reactions in tissue including the liver, joints and brain. SAMe is also required for the biosynthesis of critical neurotransmitters and hormones.

Supplementing with SAMe
The manufacturing process of SAMe yields two forms, the S,S and the R,S isomers. The S,S isomer is the active form that mediates biochemical activity in the human body, whereas the R,S form is considered to be biologically inactive. The Italian SAMe used in Double-Strength SAMe 400 is processed to yield the highest available percentage of the active pure S,S form on the market.

SAMe and Joint Function
SAMe may enhance cartilage protection and promote the synthesis of proteoglycans, essential components of connective tissue. Clinical studies show an ability of SAMe to enhance mobility and movement, and promote joint comfort.*

SAMe and Neural Health
SAMe-catalyzed methylation reactions promote the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which have the potential to promote enhanced mood. SAMe may also upregulate the production of phosphatidylcholine, supporting cognitive function.*

SAMe and Liver Function
SAMe enhances liver synthesis of glutathione, an antioxidant. Glutathione promotes detoxification and liver protection. Studies show SAMe may protect liver tissue from injury caused by a number of toxins.*

Individuals using antidepressant medications should consult with their prescribing physician prior to using this product. Individuals diagnosed with bipolar disease or manic depression should avoid supplementing with SAMe. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. May cause gastrointestinal discomfort in a small percentage of people.

Suggested Adult Use: Take 1 tablet daily away from food, or as directed by a health care professional. Do not chew or crush tablet.

Other Ingredients: Cellulose gel, methacrylic acid copolymer, compritol 888ATO, talc, triethyl citrate, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, mannitol, glycerol palmitostearate,  silica, medium chain triglycerides, sodium starch glycolate, and iron oxide.

Store in a cool, dry place to ensure maximum quality.

Contains nothing other than listed ingredients.


Enhances Mood*

Over the past three decades, SAM-e has been studied for its great potential in enhancing mood. Since results from early studies demonstrated that intramuscular administration of SAM-e was superior to placebo in changing mood, research subsequently moved forward to determine if oral administration of SAM-e could also show positive results. One such randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial provided incrementally increasing oral doses of SAM-e from 200 mg a day to 800 mg twice daily. In the placebo group, only 1 of 6 individuals displayed a greater than 50% enhancement in mood according to the rating scales, whereas 6 of 9 individuals in the SAM-e group rated an above 50% change in positive outlook over the course of the study. The researchers concluded from this study that oral SAM-e significantly—and safely—enhances mood.

A larger double-blind placebo-controlled trial examined the effects of 400 mg of SAM-e given four times daily to 80 women (between the ages of 45 and 59) for 30 days. The women were assessed at 10 and 30 days into the trial using mood rating scales. SAM-e supplementation was well tolerated, and of the 60 women who completed the study, significant change in mood was seen even at day 10 (compared to placebo).

In an open-label study drawing from a population less likely to seek, or have access to, needed healthcare, 20 subjects were given 200 mg of SAM-e twice daily for 8 weeks. Over the course of the study, the dose of SAM-e was increased to 800 mg twice daily, and then to 1600 mg. Using mood scales, the participants in the trial were assessed at 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks into the trial. The investigators found that there was significant and rapid improvement in mood, and that SAM-e was well tolerated.

Many groups of researchers have conducted analyses of several trials that utilized SAM-e for mood enhancement from 1994 to 2005. One meta-analysis, published in 1994, analyzed the efficacy of SAM-e in oral or injection forms based on published trials dated between 1973 and 1992. The studies showed a greater response rate with SAM-e compared with placebo, with an effect ranging from 17-38%. The authors concluded that the efficacy of SAM-e was superior to placebo and its administration caused few side effects. In a subsequent review, other authors analyzed studies in which SAM-e doses ranged from 200 to 1600 mg daily. They also found a significant effect of SAM-e in comparison to placebo, and a noted rapid effect at enhancing mood.

Promotes Joint Comfort and Mobility*

As a sulfur donor to connective tissue, SAM-e plays a major role in maintaining the integrity of cartilage tissue. The specialized cells that make up cartilage (chondrocytes) are bound together by a matrix of collagen fibers and proteoglycans. An in vitro experiment assessing the actions of SAM-e in cultured human articular chondrocytes demonstrated sulfate residue incorporation into the chondrocytes, as well as proteoglycan synthesis 60% higher than control levels. Based on these observations, the researchers concluded that SAM-e promotes the growth and health of cartilaginous connective tissue.

While in vitro experiments are useful, evidence of benefit in the human body is usually best shown through clinical research. In a large double-blind trial examining 734 individuals, SAM-e was given orally at a dose of 1200 mg daily for 30 days. SAM-e was shown to significantly promote joint comfort compared to placebo, with a high level of tolerability and low incidence of side effects.

A larger (20,641 people), longer (8-week) study evaluated the response of individuals to a regimen of 1200 mg SAM-e for 1 week followed by 800 mg for the second week and 400 mg for the remaining 6 weeks. This open trial realized a strong impact of SAM-e in supporting joint comfort and function, in part recorded by Subjective Well-Being and Functional Capacity measurements. Additionally, healthcare professionals involved in the study assessed the subjects using a global scale; the SAM-e regimen was rated as “very good” or “good” in 71% of the participants, and “satisfactory” in 21% of the remaining subjects.

In a long-term trial lasting 24 months, 600 mg per day of SAM-e was orally administered to 108 participants for the first two weeks, followed by 400 mg daily for the remainder of the trial (97 participants completed the full 2 years of supplementation). Significant and relatively rapid enhancements in joint comfort were noted, with excellent long-term tolerance and continued benefits seen throughout the 2 years.

In a review of 11 studies, there was evidence of SAM-e promoting joint mobility, joint comfort, or both of these measurements in the subjects studied. In another recent review of relevant research, mechanisms that may explain the actions of SAM-e towards optimal joint health were explored. The authors noted that decreased levels of SAM-e are associated with increased levels of TNF- and nitric oxide synthase (NOS), two proteins that have an inverse relationship with joint comfort and mobility. Increased levels of TNF- and NOS are also associated with decreased production of proteoglycan synthesis, which is vital for joint structure and proper function. The integrity of cartilage tissue may therefore be defended by SAM-e via a reduction in TNF- and NOS levels.

Phosphatidylcholine is an important component for the normal function of our cell membranes. It is formed through the methylation of phosphatidyl ethanolamine (a phospholipid), with the help of SAM-e. Increased levels of SAMe and phosphatidylcholine are associated with more “fluid” cell membranes, facilitating the movement of proteins (including receptors) within the lipid bilayer of cell membranes, providing for better cell signaling. This may, in part, explain how SAM-e is associated with increased proteoglycan synthesis—and therefore with joint comfort and mobility.

Supports Liver Health and Detoxification*

While it is found SAM-e supplementation can profoundly influence liver function due to its role as the major methyl donor in the liver, as well as its lipotropic activity. SAM-e also helps the liver to confront oxidative stress by enhancing the production of glutathione.1 A number of trials have been conducted to demonstrate the ability of SAM-e to support liver detoxification functions towards enhancing liver health; one means to this end is the ability of SAM-e to rapidly increase the activity of enzymes needed to support liver detoxification. Dosages used in these studies ranged from 600 mg to 1600 mg daily, for 2 months to two years. In these trials, significant benefits of SAM-e supplementation were seen over placebo.

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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 tablet
Servings per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving %DV
S-Adenosyl Methionine (from 800 mg of SAM-e tosylate disulfate) 400mg *
*Daily Value not established

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This was not ordered for enhanced mood purposes. I am half way through the box and I have not noticed any mood issues. I usually have a good mood. The product was ordered for joint and muscle problems. I have chronic progressive MS and the related joint and muscle problems. At this point I can say this has made a noticeable and significant improvement. Those users who recommended the Sam e to me. say it will get even better as I get near the end of the box.

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