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Deep Clean Mop 1 Count


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1 Count

E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop Description

  • e-cloth fiber technology penetrates and removes dirt,grease, oil, grime
  • True Chemical Free Cleaning - Proven to remove over 99% of all bacteria (including e-coli and listeria) from hard surfaces with just water
  • Lightweight and very maneuverable
  • Chemical free cleaning on all flooring surfaces, just use water
  • Telescopic handle adjusts so you can clean comfortably regardless of your height - Extends from 33" to 63"
  • Set includes- one telescopic aluminum handle, one mop head base and one 5.25"x17.5" damp mop head

Where to Use

All Floor Cleaning – vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum, concrete

Floor cleaning is also healthy cleaning - Deep Clean Mop removes over 99% of bacteria with just water.

There really should be another word, because “mop” just doesn’t do justice to this ergonomic floor whiz! The sturdy aluminum handle is telescopic, adjusting to your wishes. The base is on a 360° swivel so it gets into corners and hard to reach places other mops can’t. Then there’s the modern fiber technology that penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria much better than common mops – and it does it with just water! Gone are the days of using “mystery” chemicals to push around dirt on your floors.

Easier, faster floor cleaning – having far more cleaning fibers per square inch than common mops, and a “wingspan” of almost 18 inches e-cloth mops remove more grime with each swipe. The mops are also lightweight and very maneuverable. Its sturdy, telescopic handle adjusts to fit your comfort level (as short as 3’5” or tall as 6’2” and every height in-between). Safer, chemical-free cleaning – there are no harmful chemicals or fumes because e-cloth uses fiber function to clean – not a chemical reaction.

The cleaned surface e-cloth mops leave behind has no chemical residue – important to everybody, but especially to families with young children who spend a lot of time motoring at floor level. Versatile floor cleaning – excellent on all flooring surfaces – vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum, concrete. Furthermore, the telescopic handle can also be extended to enable you to clean walls, ceilings and high windows. Money-saving cleaning – no cleaning chemicals to buy, and you’ll value from the durability of the sturdy aluminum handle and base that are all about sustainable living. The e-cloth Mop will still be cleaning long after cheap plastic mops are in landfills. The e-cloth mop heads can be machine-washed over-and-over while still maintaining their cleaning performance (up to 300 machine-washings!)

80% polyester/20% polyamide. - Made in Korea

How To Use

Assemble the mop by inserting handle into the mop base joint. The telescopic handle adjusts to the length you desire.

Wet mop head under a faucet and wring out excess water. Place mop head on floor, velcro side up, and attach the mop head to the base of the mop.

During use, the mop head may be rinsed and refitted. An "S" motion is recommended for best results.

Care and Laundering

To ensure your e-cloths perform at their best, we recommend machine washing.  With certain new washing powders, you can was as low as 85 degrees F, however for best results with normal detergents, wash at 140 degrees F.  For a full clean or if the cloth loses performance, it may be washed at 200 degrees, or boiled in a saucepan.

A warm rinse is often enough for day-to-day use.

Use only a small amount of detergent and rinse well.  Tumble or hang dry.

DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener.  Bleach breaks down the fibers and fabric softeners will block the fibers.  If fabric softener is used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent.

Note:  Color may run, initial washes should be separate at low temperature.  For washing machines, a laundry bag is recommended.

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5 Star Rating

I ordered this wet mop and the dust mop at the same time and I really like them. The mop handle is sturdy and lightweight and I love that it swivels and goes around corners so easily. The dust mop works great at picking up the cat hairs and dust. I honestly havent used the wet-mop head but its well made so I imagine its going to clean just fine
5 Star Rating

I had been using similar product for several years and went looking for another. Yours is the one I found. I am thoroughly pleased with the ease of use and ability to wash the head. The unit is very adjustable so works for whatever height you might need or like. It also gets under very low counters etc and can be used sideways as well as frontwards. I would say I cannot live without this particular product. It really cleans .. far surpasses all other mops and was interested to find product being used in a local hospital
the best

5 Star Rating

this is a really great mop. I had one when I lived in London and had to buy another when I moved here. You just need hot water... unless for a very sticky stain - then you might need to spot treat... but generally just hot water and this mop who leave your floors super clean

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