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Himalayan Institute Neti Pot Eco Starter - 1 Kit

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Himalayan Institute Neti Pot Eco Starter Description

Eco Sinus Cleansing System

  • Soothes Dry Nasal Passages
  • Gently Washes Away Dust, Pollen and Irritants
  • Removes Excess Mucus... Naturally
  • Enhances Sinus and Immune Support with Neti Wash Plus

The Starter Kit contains everything needed for a daily nasal wash routine—Nonbreakable Eco Neti Pot, Neti Pot Salt 10 oz jar, and Neti Wash Plus 2 oz bottle. The Himalayan Institute introduced the Neti Pot 35 years ago as the perfect tool to support sinus health. The Neti Pot naturally cleanses, refreshes, and protects the nasal passages and has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to alleviate allergy and sinus problems.

Starter kit includes:

Eco Neti Pot
Our new Eco Neti Pot makes nasal irrigation easy and comfortable. The trademarked lotus design and distinctive shape dispenses the perfect rate of flow to optimally cleanse the sinus passages. Made with Ingeo bioplastic.

Neti Pot Salt
Perfect for use with the nasal wash system, Neti Pot Salt is 99.99% USP grade salt, the highest purity salt commercially available. It is non-iodized and contains no additives or anti-caking agents. Use ¼ teaspoon per Neti Pot use. 10oz refillable jar with Ingio PLA measuring spoon.

Neti Wash Plus
Contains zinc and herbal extracts that add anti-microbial and anti-viral support to your nasal wash. Zinc helps to tone and astringe the nasal passages reducing excess mucus and promoting clear, healthy sinuses. 


Daily Cleansing Routine

Use your Neti Pot and related products every day to soothe and cleanse the nasal passages.

The Saline Solution

Rinsing the nasal passage with a properly mixed warm saline solution doesn’t burn. It is best to use a pure, non-iodized salt, such as Neti Pot Salt or kosher salt. The amount you use depends on how finely the salt is ground. Use a slightly rounded 1/2 teaspoon for coarse varieties, like kosher salt, and a heaping 1/4 teaspoon for finely ground salt, such as Neti Pot Salt. Stir it into 8 ounces of warm water, until the salt is completely dissolved. You can mix the saline solution in your Neti Pot.

If your tap water has an unpleasant taste or contains chemicals, consider warming some bottled water. If the water is too cool it may increase congestion. If it is too warm, it will irritate the delicate lining of the nose. Never use hot water.

Head Position

The key to the nasal wash is holding your head in the proper position. Lean over the sink so you are looking directly into the basin, then rotate your head to the side so that one nostril is directly above the other. The forehead should remain level with the chin or slightly higher.

Gently insert the spout into the upper nostril so that it forms a comfortable seal. Keep your mouth open and raise the handle of the NetiPotTM so that the solution enters the upper nostril and drains out through the lower.

If your head is rotated correctly and tilted at the proper angle, you can breathe comfortably through your mouth while the saline drains through the lower nostril. If the forehead is higher than the chin, the saline will drain into your mouth.

When the Neti Pot is empty, rotate the head so you are looking into the sink and exhale through both nostrils to clean them of excess mucus and water. Use a tissue to catch any excess mucus.

When both nostrils are clear, mix another batch of saline solution in the Neti Pot and repeat the procedure on the other side. Remember to adjust your head so that the saline solution flows freely out of the lower nostril. After the pot is empty, clear the nostrils as before.


Barberry root bark (Berberis vulgaris), Grapefruit seed extract, vegetable glycerin and distilled, purified water.

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