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How Dew You Dissolve a Mouse?

by Nicole Nutter

un-healthy mountain dew sodaImagine cracking open that can of Mountain Dew on a hot day, waiting for that neon-green liquid to quench your thirst. Just seconds before that satisfied, ahhhh you get something you hadn't expected a canned mouse! This is exactly what an Illinois man claims happened to him in 2009, and Mountain Dew (Pepsi Co) had an interesting defense argument. They said that this claim was impossible because the mouse would have turned to jelly after 15 months. So what is more disturbing? The fact that allegedly there was a mouse in the soda, or the fact that even if it were there it would have long since liquefied? This seems like a sticky situation, to us.

Some people are accrediting this frighteningly strong dissolving ability to the citric acid in the beverage. Citric acid is found naturally in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, and is added to citrus-based sodas, which lowers their pH, resulting in a highly acidic drink. If you drink Mountain Dew regularly, or even occasionally, the possibility of it dissolving an animal corpse may be unnerving. We feel you have every right to be concerned about what the drink is doing to your insides.

organism harmed from sodaThe website LifesLittleMysteries spoke to Yan-Fang Ren from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry about the likelihood of this bizarre situation. Ren, who has previously studied the effects that citric acid has on bones and teeth said, I think it is plausible that it could dissolve a mouse in a few months, but dissolving [the mouse] does not mean it will disappear, because you'll still have the collagen and the soft tissue part. It will be like rubber. Wait, what Mouse jam is the last thing you want to find well, anywhere, let alone in your can of soda.

The results of dentist J. Anthony von Fraunhofer's study regarding molar erosion from different types of sodas were mentioned in an article published by NBC. Fraunhofer found that tooth enamel erodes six times faster in citrus sodas (like Mountain Dew) than in the colas that use phosphoric acid for their taste. The experiment soaked human molars in Mountain Dew for two weeks, the time estimated to be comparable to 13 years of average exposure. The molar's enamel lost 6 percent of its volume; molars in Coke lost just over 1 percent. Think going sugar free will solve the problem? Diet Mountain Dew eroded 8 percent of the molar's enamel.

Natural News reports often of the dangers that soda poses to your health, including the fact that Mountain Dew and other fruit-flavored beverages contain a flame retardant chemical. The fun fizz comes from phosphoric acid, which for many years health experts have warned too can destroy tooth enamel, and the hypnotizing green color is derived from food colorings known to impact health negatively.

However, jellied mice and health hazards aside, there are still those that are avid Mountain Dew drinkers or any type of soda for that matter (especially those containing citric acid) could have the same dissolving factors to it. Even though Ren acknowledges that it is as acidic as orange juice, it is lacking in nutritional value. And although you would have to hold Mountain Dew in your mouth for two weeks straight for it to dissolve anything, consuming this substance regularly for several years might have a negative impact, even if it?s not as shocking as a dissolved mouse carcass.

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