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Immune System Health

by Nicole Nutter

Immune system healthDay after day, your immune system acts in countless ways to support your overall wellness. It monitors your whole body and responds quickly as needed. The immune system even has its own kind of “memory” about issues it’s already encountered. When you practice healthy lifestyle strategies, it can help to support your immune system’s general health. Fortunately, Nature provides an arsenal of nutrients, herbs, and mushrooms that can help you support immune health and maintain well-being.

A healthy immune system is a balanced one—not over-stimulated and not under-stimulated. Your immune system is made up of an amazing network of cells and organs that together protect the body from many types of environmental stressors. The system is made up of physical barriers, such as skin and mucus, a dedicated circulatory system called the lymphatic system, and specific cells that monitor, attack, and more. For example, several types of immune cells continually travel through the bloodstream and tissues surveying and responding when appropriate. If reinforcement is required, complex signals activate more immune cells, such as antibody-producing B cells and specialized defenders called T cells. Together, the body’s army of immune cells executes one of the most impressive biological defensive strategies in nature.

So how can you help your hardworking immune system stay primed and balanced? Try to be aware of factors that can contribute to imbalance, such as too much stress, not enough sleep, excessive sugar consumption, inadequate fruit and vegetable intake, and lack of (or too much) exercise. Healthy habits can be particularly helpful now, as the winter season approaches. It’s often recommended to:

  • Know your stress triggers and learn stress-relieving techniques.
  • Make time for adequate, restful sleep.
  • Eat a diet rich in fresh organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Get regular, moderate exercise.
  • Practice good hand hygiene—wash often!

You can also support your health in every season with targeted formulas that help keep your immune system strong.*New Chapter’s newly formulated Immune Take Care supports healthy immune function with a powerful blend of Elderberry and Black Currant. These revered herbs activate multiple immune pathways for comprehensive immune function support.* The Non-GMO grown Elderberry in Immune Take Care delivers clinically supported levels of anthocyanins—active phytonutrients that help support the body’s natural immune defenses.* In addition, the formula’s Black Currant provides complementary benefits that include promoting a healthy microbial balance in the body and supporting a healthy inflammation response.*

Immune Take Care is unique because it represents a new chapter in extraction, using a purely mechanical filtration process that doesn’t require any solvents. The formula is 100% multi-herbal immune system support, with “true-to-fruit” extracts yielding the same profile of phytonutrients as the whole fruit. The proprietary process is simple and effective: Elderberry or Black Currant is pushed through a very fine filter. Large molecules such as sugars get filtered out. Smaller molecules—the fruit’s beneficial phytonutrients—pass through the filter. The result is a concentrated true-to-fruit extract delivered without sugars… Immune Take Care.

New Chapter also delivers targeted immune system defense from whole life-cycle activated mushrooms. LifeShield® Immunity is formulated with select species of tonic mushrooms, including Reishi, to support the immune system, vitality, and overall wellness.* Acknowledging the importance of both science and herbal tradition, the formula combines species both revered traditionally and researched extensively for immune support.* The 11 mushrooms in the blend are either organic or wild-crafted, and include Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Coriolus.* LifeShield Immunity delivers tonic mushrooms’ whole protective shield—combining each stage of a mushroom’s life cycle (mycelium, extracellular compounds, fruiting bodies, and spores) to provide the full spectrum of critical nutrients that promote health and wellness.*New Chapter LifeShield Mushrooms are the first and only full line of mushrooms that can assure a minimum 15% level of beta-glucans. That’s important, because beta-glucans are one of the most researched components of mushrooms and have been shown to play a significant role in activating key cells that are part of the immune system's first line of defense.*

New Chapter remains wholly dedicated to promoting healthy living through the Wisdom of Nature. The truth is, our bodies understand and seek nourishment from whole food. At New Chapter, we believe that Nature got it right the first time. That is, nourishment from whole-food sources—whole-food complex vitamins, whole herbs and herbal extracts, whole life-cycle mushrooms, whole fish oil—things your body easily recognizes and absorbs. Our formulations are sourced from Nature’s bounty of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and superfoods. In fact, we believe New Chapter products are more than food supplements, they are supplemental food.®

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