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New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care 120 Slim Tablets
New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care 120 Slim Tablets see more from New Chapter

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care 120 Slim Tablets

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New Chapter Bone Strength Description

  • Bone-strengthening calcium your body recognizes as food
  • TargetCal™direct calcium to bones, not arteries
  • Plant-Source Whole-Food Calcium. Not Limestones
  • Easy to digest, Easy to swallow
  • Bioavailable WHOLE FOOD. No Lime Stone!

Evidence suggests that calcium from whole food sources may produce more favorable effects in bone health than isolated calcium supplements. Similar to most nutrients, the body can utilize calcium much more effectively when it is paired with its natural co-factors such as magnesium, natural Vitamin k2 (MK-7), Vitamin D3, and other trace minerals.

New Chapter is proud to deliver a calcium complex derived from whole food that delivers these key essential nutrients in their safest, most active form within the infinite complexity of whole food.

The most common form of calcium supplement today is derived from limestone. You don't eat rocks as part of your balanced diet, why would you choose to supplement your bone health nutritional needs with limestone?

Our bodies understand and seek whole food sources of nutrition, not rocks, which is why New Chapter formulated this product with a whole food plant source of this important nutrient complex. As whole food, it's easy on the digestive system.

The calcium complex in New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care is derived from a special form of plant called Lithothamnion, harvested from pristine shores along the Icelanding coastline. Much like the vegetables from an organic garden, the algae is harvested live and then cold processed to retain its nutritional value.

Calcium must be completely dissolved in order to be absorbed. The plant-based calcium found in Bone Strength Take Care is porous, which dramatically increases the calcium's surface area. Stomach acid can then come into greater contact with the calcium, making it easy to dissolve.

In addition to the whole-food source of calcium and magnesium, we have also added other bonenourishing nutrients to complete the food complex. Vitamin K is an essential co-factor in calcium absorption and retention.

Bone Strength Take Care is formulated with the most bioavailable, bioactive, and longest-lasting form of Natural Vitamin K2 (MK-7) (from MenaQ7). This key nutrient helps put calcium into your bones where you need it, and helps keep calcium out of your arteries, where you don't.

Probiotic Vitamin D3 completes the bone health complex. Natural Vitamin K2 partners with Vitamin D3 to promote bone health, support, and function in particular, both vitamins promote calcium absoprtion and utilization.

Suggested Use

Take 3 tablets with 8oz of water in the middle of a large meal. For best results, take One tablet with lunch and Two tablets with dinner daily.

Other ingredients

Organic barley grass, organic gum acacia, modified cellulose, silica, sunflower oil, Bacillus subtilis natto extract.

Fermented soy and fermented wheat (as food source for Saccharomyces cerevisiae).†

†The wheat has been processed to allow this food to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for gluten-free foods.

Naturally gluten free.

Caution: As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.

*This item cannot be shipped to Canada.

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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Tablets (3000 mg)
Servings per Container: 40
Amount Per Serving %DV
Vitamin D3(TargetCal) 1000IU 250%
Vitamin K1(TargetCal) 35 mcg 44%
Vitamin K2 (MK-7)(TargetCal) 45 mcg 56%
Calcium (from Algae ) 770 mg 77%
Magnesium (from Algae ) 58 mg 14%
Silica (from Algae ) 2 mg *
Strontium (from Algae ) 5 mg *
Vanadium (from Algae ) 13 mcg *
* Daily Value not established.
Nutrients are cultured in organic media that may contain: organic milled soy, organic yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), organic maltodextrin, organic gum acacia, organic alfalfa powder, enzymes and Lactobacilli (L.acidophilus, L. bifidus, L. rhamnosus)
Lithothamnion: L. calcareum and L. corallioides.

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Avg. rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 36 reviews
not so good

1 Star Rating

I had high hopes for this product but I found that it really upset me even starting out with less than a full dose. An expensive mistake for me
Best Calcium Supplement

5 Star Rating

Outstanding product and great priceGreat company
Great product

4 Star Rating

Really like the slim tabs. They are so easy to swallow. Also this formulation is heart healthy too unlike many calmag supplements on the market.
5 Star Rating

I am one of those people that just does not care to drink milk eat yogurt and cheese and it has been that way for all of my adult life. I am now in my fifties and am seeing and feeling the lack of calcium in my diet. Since taking the Bone Strength vitamins regularly over the past several months there has been a noticeable difference in the way I feel. There has definitely been a lot less aches and pains and in general I just feel stronger as where I always felt so fragile.Thank you for providing such a good natural produce it is making a difference in my life.PennySt. Cloud FL

3 Star Rating

This seemed like a wonderful product it and the company were recommended by an N.D. Unfortunately I cannot use Silica -- it gives me anxiety and insomnia. I tried again since the dosage seemed small and I took only one tablet in the morning - unfortunately I had the same intolerable side effects. I wish there was a simpler quality calcium product. I need it as I cannot use milk products.
5 Star Rating

This is the best ask me why...I will tell you. I took this product for 1 year everyday to bring up my calcium and Vit D went up by 47 points....then I didnt take it for 3 months....and levels dropped by 30 points. I immediately went back on this product to protect by bones and brain...hope for better blood levels in 3 months and I love the shape of these vitamins..goes down very easy. Love the fast service
5 Star Rating

Since using this product my bone scans are so much improved. Thank you
5 Star Rating

I have been using the newchapter bone strenght for 4 years now.It is by far the best product in the market. my score gets much better because of my healthy diet and this product.Yes it is the best and I will never change it.Lucie
5 Star Rating

I had been taking a different calcium tablet that was so big that I chocked when I took it. These tablets are so easy to swallow. I like that the calcium come from a food source rather than stones. I need to take a lot of calcium because of my bones so i am glad I am taking New Chapter Bone Strength now.
5 Star Rating

I have no real evidence this product is helping to rebuild bone but it feels like it is.
5 Star Rating

Great product. Added benefit is I noticed improvement to my thinning hair.
5 Star Rating

My chiropractor recommended New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care after the calcium supplement that I was taking failed to protect me. Ive been taking this product for several years now and am delighted to have it so easily available.
5 Star Rating

I like this product and have used it for years.
5 Star Rating

I have been using New Chapter bone strength for several years. I like that the capsules are easy to swallow and that they are plant based. I also buy it because of the other ingredients.
Great Product

5 Star Rating

These have worked really well for me. Bone density tests have shown that my body is able to utilize this calcium better than any other on that Ive used. Price is right as well.
great to take

5 Star Rating

So far I like the pills. They are easy to swallow. I will find out when I go for my next bone density if I have improved.
5 Star Rating

i would give it a 5-star. the size of the pills are slim and easy to swallow. i have talked to several people who this is the one there dr. recommend. i had started another one but 8 extra pills a day was something i was just not going to do. besides i like all new chapter products. to me they are tops.
New Chapter for my life

5 Star Rating

Unable to tolerate other cal:mag products I was delighted to discover New Chapters Bone Strength slim tabs. It has helped strengthen my formerly soft lumbar area following back surgery.
Bone strength

4 Star Rating

This product is new to me. I just started to use bone strength 3 weeks ago. So far so good. However I am alwaysLooking for new natural products.Have a great day: -
5 Star Rating

I am very pleased with your product. I have searched all of the ingredients for sometime andwas glad I found your product. I had been taking most of them separately and was glad to finda product with all the ingredients. I would recommend it very highly and will order it again.Great product.
Great Service

5 Star Rating

This is probably the best calcium supplement on the market targeting bones not cardiovascular and renal systems. Also My Natural Market has the best prices and the best service I could find anywhere.
e.g. Great Product

4 Star Rating

I love this product and it has the best combination for calcium intake.
Great supplement

5 Star Rating

This is the purest form of calcium I have come across. The amount of calcium per tablet is a great deal for the price. My calcium levels in my blood work have continued to rise, instead of decrease as I get older. I would definitely recommend this product to any female as a calcium supplement
4 Star Rating

Since I started taking Bone Strength tablets, my bones in my feet have improved, especially the fracture I had on one metatarsal. It's healed and feels good.
5 Star Rating

Easy to order; quick delivery.
4 Star Rating

So far I have enjoyed the quick and pleasant customer service I have received on purchasing this product. I won't know for sure until I get my next bone density test in the summer if these have made a difference from the calcium tablets I was using. Keeping my fingers crossed.
A miracle!

5 Star Rating

For years I have been told after hearing the results of my dexascan that I needed to go on a prescription calcium drug because my bones were so thin. I refused. About 9 years ago I went on Bone Strength and increased my intake of more foods with calcium. I had my bone density test a month ago and was shocked to hear that my bone density has improved. My doctor even said she was surprised. I highly recommend Bone Strength.
5 Star Rating

Best calcium product I have found
limestone-free is the way to go

4 Star Rating

All I can tell you is that after taking this food-based product for two years my spine's bone density has improved, and the rest of my frame hasn't gotten any worse. It can't be good for the body to eat a bunch of limestone--the pyramids were covered with it!
5 Star Rating

I live in the PNW where we are not getting much sun, ever, but especially the past year and a half. This really supports my mood. I wish they had a larger bottle because I really have to have this for family. Vit D 3 is essential for mood.
Great Product.

4 Star Rating

Love the product. easy to take.
5 Star Rating

This is a great product,especially because it is plant sourced. I would recommend this product.
5 Star Rating

This product was recommended by my family dr and my gyn. They are both encouraging their patients to use plant based, organic vitamins as that is the better way our bodies absorb and respond to nutruients vs a man made, synthetic vitamin. After my purchase I told my neighbor and she has been using these products b/c her sister is a physician and recommended them to her as well.
Great product.

5 Star Rating

Along with Doctors Best strontium bone maker and New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care, my bone density test increased last year. I'm almost due for another test and hopefully it will increase again.

5 Star Rating

These calcium tablets are superb in providing plant sourced calcium which is very absorbing to the body. ~Teddy Murvin
5 Star Rating

I find this product seats better on my stomach. I been taking for about 2 weeks. I was suggested this product by my naturalist. I have bone problems and was taking other product for over a year with not any results. Hope this helps everyone! Knowledge is powerful!

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