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New Chapter
Rhodiola Force 100 30 Vcaps

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30 Cap

New Chapter Rhodiola Description

  • Builds stamina, endurance, and well-being under conditions of exertion and sleep disruption
  • Uplifts mood and modulates physiologic stress reactions
  • Tested Adaptogen for Stress
  • Sharpens Memory Retention

Which comes first - the stressful event or the stress? The answer is surprisingly “neither.” We come first. If we’re strong - if our physiologies are flexible, adaptive, and resilient - then waves of life joyously wash over us. If, on the other hand, we’re tired and weakened, then those same waves of life crash against our brittle nervous systems and break our spirits. The antidote to stress is thus not found in withdrawing from the world - that is simply not possible; and what is more, the world needs us! The answer lies in strengthening our all-important and innate abilities to adapt to the inevitable changes that arise in the world. Remember: we come first….

Some elegant souls are born “cool and collected,” with their adaptive skills a gift outright from the source of Creation. For others, a graceful life is a gift of experience, perhaps cultivated by yoga, meditation, or tai chi. And there is yet another gift from Mother Nature helping us to cultivate inner silence and strength, and this is her gift of sacred healing herbs. A growing body of research reveals that special jewels in the herbal realm can shift the body’s stress response in favor of the “cool and collected.” The diamond amongst these herbs, called “adaptogens” because of their ability to help the body adapt to stress, is unquestionably Rhodiola rosea.

Rhodiola rosea or Rose Root is an exalted herbal stress “adaptogen.” Thriving in high altitudes and in nature’s most challenging climates, this most resilient herbal is intensively studied for enhancing concentration and endurance, uplifting one’s mental state, and supporting optimal immune, adrenal, and cardiovascular function even under conditions of severe stress. Widely used by Russian athletes and cosmonauts to increase energy, Rhodiola delivers the promise of an inner oasis of peace and energy in our hurly-burly world.

New Chapter’s Rhodiolaforce™ is harvested after a minimum four-year growth in the forests of the Altai regions of Siberia, then carefully low-temperature dried and meticulously extracted to preserve the herb’s precious phytonutrients. Those phytonutrients include numerous and unique anti-stress compounds like rosavins, salidrosides and other biologically active compounds.

Suggested Use

One Vcap daily preferably 30 minutes before breakfast.

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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vcap
Servings per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) (root), hydroethanolic extract (min. 6% total rosavins and min. 1% salidrosides) 100 mg
Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients

Rice bran, maltodextrin and modified cellulose (capsule).

*This item cannot be shipped to Canada.

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Avg. rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews
5 Star Rating

This product is excellent
5 Star Rating

Rhodiola. 300 force it is the one and only product on the market for it's quality and effectiveness. One a day provides it all.
5 Star Rating

I'm 55 years old. I have been using Rhodiola since the November 2009. I take 1 capsule religeously in the morning about a half hour before eating. You can feel the benefits within the first week. I have found it helpful dealing with stress of everyday life in this hectic world. I am relaxed and able to think more clearly. Actually put a spring to my step (don't feel like I am clunking along, dragging my butt). I am able to sleep through the night and feel refreshed.
3 Star Rating

I haven't used product long enough to know if it's working as advertised or not.

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