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Throat Spray With Zinc and Grapefruit Seed Extract 4 fl oz (118 mL)

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4 fl oz

Nutribiotic Throat Spray Description


  • With Zinc and Grapefruit Seed Extract

Nutribiotic First Aid Throat Spray with Zinc and Grapefruit Seed Extract may be used to promote healthy conditions in the mouth and throat. Freshens breath too!


Purified water, glycerin, zinc gluconate (0.5 mg zinc per spray), Citricidal® brand grapefruit seed extract, PEG-40 castor oil, stevia extract, slippery elm extract, peppermint oil, aloe vera gel, deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract (DGL), and menthol.

Suggested Use:

Spray 2-3 times into the back of your throat, one to several times daily as needed.

WARNING: Do not spray in eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If irritation persists, discontinue use and consult your physician.

First Aid Throat Spray Frequently Asked Questions

75% of adults are zinc deficient. NutriBiotic First Aid Throat Spray is a great way to give yourself a zinc boost when your immune system needs it the most!

What uses does the NutriBiotic Throat Spray offer? - NutriBiotic Throat Spray is more than a "sore throat spray". The unique combination of ingredients has been designed to address several mouth, throat, and nasal conditions. NutriBiotic Throat Spray can be used to suppress a sore throat, by decreasing inflammation caused by an infection or minor allergy. It can also open up the nasal airways by its soothing aromatic properties. NutriBiotic Throat Spray helps with the overall body immune functions with the help of Grapefruit Seed Extract and the vital mineral zinc to accelerate recovery time.

What makes NutriBiotic Throat Spray superior to other natural throat sprays? - In a comparison with nine of the most popular natural throat sprays, NutriBiotic Throat Spray is the only spray with zinc as one of the primary active ingredients! Zinc boosts the immune system by increasing the reproduction of the cells that fight and destroy foreign invaders, especially those associated with the common cold. Zinc decreases inflammation and swelling caused by allergies by inhibiting the production of histamine usually produced in the throat, nose, and airways. Zinc also helps in the resistance of Gingivitis by making gums more resistant and reducing plaque build up.

NutriBiotic Throat Spray has incorporated Grapefruit Seed Extract as an immune booster. Grapefruit Seed Extract and Zinc make a great combination that work harmoniously together to suppress foreign invaders and strengthen the immune system. Additionally, because the ingredients are natural, NutriBiotic Throat Spray provides a great alternative to the alcohol based throat sprays that are offered over-the-counter. In fact, in a price comparison with other natural throat sprays, NutriBiotic Throat Spray was 1 of the 3 least expensive.

What is Zinc Gluconate? - A naturally occurring form of zinc that is 14% elemental zinc and 86% gluconic acid used mostly in throat lozenges, mouthwash, nasal sprays, and throat sprays.

I am concerned that there is too much zinc in the Throat Spray. - The Throat Spray contains the equivalent of approximately 0.5 mg of zinc per spray. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of zinc for healthy individuals is 18 mg per day for men and 12 mg of zinc per day for women. It is generally suggested that when fighting the common cold a person should consume more than 200 mg of zinc evenly over a period of 24 hours. The Throat Spray is not designed to meet this amount, but to provide a subtle complementary amount that provides support to the areas most affected by the common cold.

Can children use it? - Children over the age of six can use the Throat Spray. It is recommended that children under the age of six should consult their health care provider.

Why is Stevia in your Throat Spray? - NutriBiotic Throat Spray uses Stevia because it prohibits the growth and reproduction of the bacteria that cause plaque. Throat Spray should be constantly applied to the throat and mouth, which means any sugar-based flavoring can increase the risks of tooth decay and gum disease.

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This is a first class product. I will always have some to hand when I feel the first sign of a sore throat. It is soothing and pleasant to use. I also use it to stop a cough in the night. A quick spray to the back of my throat and I am quickly back to sleep.I swear by all the Nutribiotic products.

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