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Paws, Maybe It's Time to Go Organic.

by Nicole Nutter

natural healthy puppy

You buy organic produce, organic supplements, organic household cleaners, and organic soap. Why? Because you care about your health, your family's health, and the environment, but aren't you forgetting someone? We know how much you love Whiskers and Fido, the numerous toys, pet beds, and snacks gave it away, and we know that you want the best for your furry friend. Companion animals give their owner unconditional love, and the love is usually mutual. If you're the kind of pet owner that melts at your pet's excitement to see you every time you come in from getting the mail, you'll want to hear about some amazing developments in the organic pet product world. Whether it's dinner time, play time, or bath time, organic pet products such as food, supplements, and even shampoo help to keep your pet happy and healthy.

natural pet treatment

Improvements in veterinary care help to increase the lifespan of our pets, and as a responsible pet owner you will want to ensure that their quality of life is maintained. There is a growing demand for new products that can effectively meet the needs of older pets. Animals can experience a lot of the same health issues that people do including poor digestion, allergies, anxieties, dry or irritated skin, and decreased joint flexibility and mobility. Unfortunately, animals can also experience serious age-related cognitive disorders the same way that people do. Sometimes, the clinical signs associated with brain aging can be subtle and easily overlooked. If your dog seems disoriented or confused, becomes distant or has behavioral changes, the reason may be that your pet is suffering from poor canine cognition due to the aging process.

Neutricks is an apoaequorin (jellyfish protein) based supplement for senior dogs that significantly improves their cognitive function. In August 2011, at the annual CanCog Conference on Behavior, Cognition and Aging in Companion Animals in Toronto, Canada, some exciting news was shared. Dr. Gary Landsberg, DVM, a board certified veterinary behaviorist and a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists announced that based on data from two different experiments, Neutricks was effective in helping to enhance cognitive function in senior dogs. Improved attention, learning, and recall were just some of the results.

Neutricks memory organic supplement

According to the Neutricks website, the key findings presented two things. First, in an object discrimination test of aged beagles (greater than 9 years old), dogs that were given the Neutricks showed significantly more accuracy in learning than placebo-controlled group. And second, that the Neutricks beagles outperformed the control beagles in a task measuring attention using a visual search task with added distractors. In a press release, Dr. Bill Milgram, the lead researcher of CanCog Technologies said, these results provide evidence that apoaequorin has cognitively beneficial effects by showing improved performance over a control group in an aged canine model of memory loss.

Quincy Animal Health is a leader in canine cognitive health, and its General Manager, Dave Merrick, commented to the press about their new product. He said, We really are pleased with the overwhelmingly positive reception the Neutricks research has received at each conference. It speaks to the true need in the marketplace for an effective tool for aging canines. It will give veterinarians confidence to recommend Neutricks to their clients.

Dogs seem to love the taste of the specially formulated, chewable supplement. If you have a senior canine, try out Neutricks chewable tablets to significantly enhance attention and improve your dog's learning. Neutricks believes that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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