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Sunwarrior Protein: Finally A Protein Drink You Can Stomach!

sunwarrior protein in bag for saleThe folks at Sunwarrior protein have finally come up with a solution for anyone who has ever found themselves choking down a nasty glass of grisly protein powder in an attempt to get a a few more grams of precious protein. Whether you're looking to get extra nutritional value, build muscle or just improve your overall health protein powder can help you in any of those areas. The reality is that many of the protein powders you buy at your local gym or grocery store contain harmful GMO's, taste horrible and are not easily absorbed by your body. Luckily Sunwarrior Protein has solved this problem by creating a protein powder that is plant-based-Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy/dairy free and tastes incredible!

Many of the protein powders that most of us have been drinking require you to plug your nose to deal with the horrible chemical taste as you drink it, which should be a good clue that what your drinking is not natural. If you're like me, after I drink one of the traditional protein shakes I have a bloated feeling in my stomach and I feel depleted of energy. The reason this happens is because most of the proteins that you see on the shelves today are made of compounds that are synthetically created in a lab and are not in the natural form of protein your body is easily able to digest.

Your body needs and loves protein but it benefits the most from proteins that come from sources from that are easily digested and efficiently absorbed. You body shouldn't be spending it's energy digesting and breaking down synthetically created chemical compounds that are designed to jam the most grams per serving in your gut. The truth is that having a high grams per serving label will sell lots of units for the supplement company : however, it's is not going to benefit you and you may end up gaining unwanted weight from left over calories your body cannot digest. So even though you are drinking high level of proteins in each serving your body is rarely able to absorb them all and frankly most of the powder ends up right where your money did, going right down the toilet.

Sunwarrior protein has created a solution to this problem by creating a line of plant based protein powders. The reason that these proteins are superior is that they have a plant based protein concentration from naturally occurring sources that your body can efficiently absorb and use. While it may seem counterintuitive to think of plants as a source of usable protein, the truth is that many plants are excellent sources of proteins and there are many example in nature of just how animals benefitting from plant proteins. Just think of the strength of gorillas whose protein source is 97% plants and 3% insects. The animal kingdom is full of examples of strong healthy animals that derive most of their proteins from plants, it's simple it's natural and its effective.

So whether you are a healthy nut looking for some extra grams of protein, trying to build muscle or maybe you're on a vegan or gluten free diet I recommend giving Sunwarrior Protein a try. You won't miss that bloated feeling in your stomach, that chalky chemical taste and most of all your body will thank you. It's always good to educate yourself on health and fitness issues so that you can find what your body will respond best to. I have found a great article here that goes over the basics of protein powders if you want more information. So read up on your protein absorption process, and make a switch to Sunwarrior protein powder. Connect with us on Facebook,Twitter and Google+ where will we will be holding contests this month and you can have a chance to win some Sunwarrior protein powder.

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