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Sunwarrior Protein: Fit For A Warrior

blended sunwarrior protein shakes

We gave Sunwarrior Protein a try knowing that there are so many health crazes and fad diets appearing and disappearing these days, it is hard to know which products are quality, natural, and healthy. Many people buy and use protein supplements on a regular basis, and not just those who are hitting the gym hard. Protein is often used as meal replacements for those on diets, and as non-meat source of protein for those who lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Sunwarrior produces one of the best Raw Vegan Protein Powders on the market today.

Sunwarrior’s vegan proteins are premium-quality, and are free of dairy, soy, gluten, GMO ingredients, chemicals and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Their plant-based protein supplements are easy to digest, and are all natural. This in and of itself puts their protein in a league of their own, side by side with their other superfood supplements.

Did you know that cooked protein is significantly less nutritious than raw protein? This is one of the many reasons that Sunwarrior has developed their pure, raw plant-based protein powders. They take pride in their protein and protein blend, and on their website state that, “this dynamic fusion [of several rich protein sources], along with a cold extraction process, creates a unique, raw, plant-based protein with a complete amino acid profile exceptionally high in Arginine, Lysine, Leucine, and branched chain amino acids.”

So, why is taking a protein supplement important? Well, we all need protein. Protein helps us to rebuild our muscles, stay strong and energized, and can even help us stay full for longer after we eat. But realistically, according to the Livestrong website, normal adults will probably meet their daily dietary protein requirements without a supplement. However, if you live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, are an athlete trying to increase your muscle mass, or are on a diet and want to preserve your muscle, you might benefit from taking a natural, pure, and raw protein like Sunwarrior’s.

Their Classic Protein is described by the Sunwarrior team as “a great tasting smooth plant-based protein for an unrivaled fitness lifestyle,” and is said to have, “the highest amount of (non soy) raw, whole-grain sprouted, vegan protein of any product available.” In addition to protein, Sunwarrior Classic Protein is full of other essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals including iron, phosphorous, potassium and riboflavin.

With their trusted reputation, good intentions and their healthy and honest product, Sunwarrior protein could be a valuable supplement to incorporate into your fitness and diet regimen.

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