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Top 5 GMO Awareness Photos

Introducing Our Top 5 GMO Awareness Photos

GMO photo of salmon
1. Oregon is introducing three bills to its legislature that would require all genetically modified foods to be labeled. The bills would also ban the sale of genetically modified salmon. Hats off to Oregon for being proactive in the fight for food safety. For more information about the proposed bills in Oregon you can read this article from the natural news.

Organic Produce Chart
2. This photo Illustrates ways to identify how your produce was grown. The numbers above help show if the produce was conventionally grown, organic or genetically modified. We did some further research and found this site that will allow you to enter the serial code of your produce and gives you any information available.

Healthy organic quote
3.This photo and quote shows the two opposite effects food can have on the human body. This is a time-tested quote that is very appropriate for the current GMO situation.

4.This photo shows how Russia has joined the list of countries that have begun to ban GMO corn. With this list growing all the time it does shows that there is a growing global concern with the healthy safety of GMO foods.

woman holding organic food in basket
5. This photo is great and it shows how food we now label or call organic is really what humans have been eating for all of our existence. It is our natural diet and only recently have veered so far from our natural diet have we had the need to label food "Natural or "Organic". Previously we would have called these simply "food" and everyone would have been considered as being on a organic diet!

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