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Plantain Leaf Powder 4 oz (113 g)


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4 oz

Best Botanicals Plantain Leaf Powder Description

BestBotanicals Plantain Leaf Powder is a cooling alterative, depurant, diuretic, emollient, mildly astringent, refrigerant, deobstruent, antiseptic, vulnerary, antivenomous, styptic, antisyphilitic, anthelmintic (vermicide). 

Both the roots and leaves manifest moderately diffuse and stimulating alterative effects within the circulatory system. These beneficially influence the glandular system, with marked healing to affected lymph and epidermal areas in scrofulous and skin diseases. It is an excellent remedy in kidney and bladder troubles and an effective remedy for poisonous bites and stings, since the poison of fresh stings is extracted rapidly (often within an hour's time). It is also the best healer of blood poisoning, reducing the swelling and completely healing a limb where dangerous poison had made amputation imminent. Finally, it is very useful for easing pain and healing problems in the lower intestinal tract. This valuable "weed" is quite commonly associated with the soils close to most habitations.

A common perennial weed. Once identified, it is easy to remember. The leaves are broadly ovate, entire or toothed, characterized by a thick, channeled footstalk. The flower stalks are 6-8 inches, tipped with long, slender spikes of greenish-white flowers but overshadowed by the brown sepals and bracts. The leaves of P. lanceolata are lance leafed, more grass-like and darker green. The stems are tipped by a short spike of tiny white flowers. Both are common around the world in moist waste places, lawns and stream beds in mountains.

It is a astringent, demulcent, diuretic, expectorant, andhemostatic. Leaves of the fresh plant makes an excellent poultice for insect bites. Chew to make a bolus and place on bite. The leaf tea is historically used for thrush in children, hemorrhage, heavy menstruation, parasites, sore eyes, edema, bladder, lung, stomachache, stomach ulcers, skin problems, ringworm, toothache, dysentery, hemorrhoids, and stimulates the healing process. Steep 1 teaspoon of the fresh or dried leaves in 1/2 cup water.Take 1-1 1/2 cups a day, mouthful at a time.


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These is an exelent weed!

5 Star Rating

These weed is one of the best plant for to many healt problems. You can used dried or fresh! try it in U gonna se de difernce. Mauricio.

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