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Dr. Christopher Black Ointment 2 fl oz (59 mL)

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2 fl oz

Dr Christopher Black Ointment Description

This Dr. Christopher's ointment is a synergistic formula traditionally used to help draw out toxin's and impurities from our body's tissue. It is for external use only.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chaparral Leaf, Comfrey Root, Red Clover Blossom, Mullein Leaf, Plantain, Chickweed Herb, Pine Tar, Mutton Tallow & Beeswax.


Apply externally as needed or as directed by your Health Care Professional. For external use only. Refrigerate after opening.

No Fillers or Chemicals added.


External use only. Consuming this product may cause Liver damage. This product contains comfrey. Comfrey contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids which may cause serious illness or death. This product should not be taken orally used as a suppository or applied to broken skin. For further information contact the Food & Drug Administration.


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Avg. rating: 4.2 out of 5 based on 19 reviews
Good Product

4 Star Rating

Its a good product as are all of Christophers products. I just dont care for the smell
5 Star Rating

I remembered my Mom using black ointment to draw out splinters etc. She called it a drawing sauve.Recently my vet noticed my boxer had a growth on her ear. I had watched it and it had gotten bigger. He relieved my fears by telling me it was probably a stitch that had been left in during her ear cropping. I asked if I could use black oitmennt on it--he said yes and to let me know if it worked. Unfortunately pharmacies dont stock this old remedy anymore.I have applied it 3 times once a week and the growth has diminished in size by 23. Be carelful that dog cannot lick suave but it still works after all these years I usually do not do reviews unless Im really impressed.

5 Star Rating

My son had a wart on his foot. We applied every evening before bed for about a month. The process seemed to work slow at first, then after three weeks the wart was visibly separating from the rest of the skin. There were some other smaller bumps in the area that were separating. These were smaller warts that weren't visible at first. Soon after I picked one of the warts and it just fell out of his skin, leaving a hole with new skin underneath. The other warts soon followed. Three or four warts came out with consistent daily application. I believe.
It Worked

5 Star Rating

Any credit for healing should go to the Master Healer as it is the Lord who is our maker. Also thanks go out to my wife for cleaning the wound and applying the spot band aid. From a biopsy, I was diagnosed with KA a type of skin cancer near the left ear area. On 6/10/2012 the Christopher Black Ointment was started. The cancer area was cleaned with hydrogen peroxide; the ointment was applied, and then covered with a spot band aid sometimes twice daily. On 7/10/2012 the cancer area had turned whitish in color and not sore to the touch. On 8/28/2012 the dermatologist said the area looked good and that surgery would not be required. I am very thankful and hope that others may benefit.
Don't buy this product

1 Star Rating

This is the worst product ever. I have been using it for 4 months and only half the mole is gone. It is very messy and I have ointment every where. Don't buy this product.

3 Star Rating

I ordered this product based upon some reviews on you tube ... I have a concern because in the past I had a two large BCC\'s removed from my face. I had two other \"suspious\" spots, one on my arm and one on my chest. I have put this products on both spots and neither has reacted to the ointment. That is suppose to be good news. Of course the ointment does have a very strong tar smell, in fact my husband commented that I smelled like bbqed meat after applying the product. So I can\'t really say if this product does what it is suppose to do or not.
not Happy

1 Star Rating

not happy with Black Ointment,Smelled like smoke badly and didnt do a thing for a wart,a waste of money,sorry but true.

5 Star Rating

The is great Product.
5 Star Rating

I used this ointment over a period of months...It completely resolved the more recent patches within a few weeks, the more persistent patches are responding but it is taking more time. This ointment completely controls the itching and healed broken/oozing scaly dry skin. I had tried many non prescription products before this and none of them worked. Due to the chaparral (probably why it works) I would not recommend this for children -- when you apply it to your skin you can taste it soon afterwards in your mouth. However for adults with any skin condition this ointment is amazingly effective. Dr. Christopher products are great and affordable (Dr. Schulze was his student, his products are also fantastic, but more expensive)
3 Star Rating

I have something on my forehead. I\'m going to order this, apply it to that bumpy thing on my forhead, then I\'ll do a review and I hope it gets here fast. I\'ll bet that pine tar would take anything off.
5 Star Rating

This product also got rid of my acne (in addition to my mole). I've had bad acne on my chest and under my jawline for the last several years, and when using this product to remove my mole, I wiped the "extra" that was left on my fingers onto my acne-afflicted areas, as an experiment. To my delight, in just a couple of days, all of the acne where I applied the tiny bit of extra black salve was GONE! So now I know it's also a super-effective acne remover, too! I'm DELIGHTED with this product!!!!!
5 Star Rating

I used this product daily for a month and a half on a mole located on my face. I had the mole almost my entire life, and until the last couple years, it was always perfectly flat, circular in shape and uniform in color. Recently, it kept on growing, developed scalloped edges, became elevated and got an black dot on it that felt like a pimple. Since I had no insurance, generally distrust doctors, and didn't want a giant scar on my face, I decided to try this product to remove my mole. For the first week, it seemed like nothing was happening. The second week, the mole became much lighter in color. The third week, the layers of built-up mole skin was coming off, starting from the edges. The fourth week, the mole drastically shrank in size and continued to have microscopic layers of skin come off with the bandage. The fifth week, the mole coloration was flesh colored and nearly flat. The sixth week, the mole was completely gone! Needless to say, this product WORKS!!!!!! And I'll be recommending it to everyone I know!
5 Star Rating

I am so grateful for this product. I was bitten twice by a brown recluse spider in March of 2010. I found the spider and was able to kill it. The wounds just kept getting bigger. One was on my calf and one on the arch of my foot. Both started the size of a dime and are now the size of a lemon. I limped because I could not put my foot all the way down to walk. I have only used the Black Ointment for two full days and nights and I am truly amazed. I can walk normally for the first time in weeks if not months. The ointment drew out a film of white stuff and it is not tender to the touch anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Christopher!!
5 Star Rating

Great product , smelly .. but works for boils !!
5 Star Rating

I used this on my son in law. He removed a tick from his wit 3 weeks prior and was left with an odd granular/pimple type of raised wound. I used this on him with a spot band-aid for 3 days...it was gone!
4 Star Rating

This ointment was for my son who had intense chemical therapy and is treating for warts on his hand. It's too soon to tell but I trust this black ointment will work on his skin over time and heal. I am not able to rate it right now, but I will when he gives me results. It was delivered in lickety-split time. thanks so much
3 Star Rating

I have used this product and can tell that it does what it states it will do. However, after reading the warning, I am afraid to continue with it. The Comfrey statement caused me to limit it's use.
5 Star Rating

Had a full body rash doctors insisted was an allergy. Spent thousands with little relief. Black ointment fixed it in a few months. Absolute God send.
5 Star Rating

I ordered two products from you and received them in August to help with some issues. I applied Christopher\'s Black Ointment daily for about 2 weeks, and then Christopher\'s Complete Tissue and Bone Formula for another 2 weeks or so. I didn\'t know whether any improvement had occurred, but over the subsequent five weeks the affected area has been growing off in the same way as a scab would do, and will have become fully detached within the next couple of days. This is a great result and please use this information on your website if you wish.

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