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Glass Eye Cup .5 oz (15 mL)

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.5 oz

Glass Eye Cup Description

Glass Size : 1/2 oz

Eye Cup is designed to be used with Eye Washes.

Glass Eye Cup Directions:

Varies according to use.

A must for every household.
Before Use:

1 - Examine glass carefully for any damage.

2 - Wash or sterilize cup thoroughly before each use.

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Avg. rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 10 reviews
very happy with this price and product to help cleanse eyes

5 Star Rating

I searched the net to find a glass eye wash cup. this one was just perfect. price and size to wash out my eyes with cayenne pepper. thanks for selling it. xo
You will LOVE this one

5 Star Rating

Here it is - the REAL DEAL This is the kind of eye-cup we had when I was a kid and we mixed our own boric acid solution to use in it. Today all you can find anywhere - even drug store like Walgreens - is those cheap little plastic things with a thin lip that is very uncomfortable to press around your eye to use. Yes I know they are disposable - and I highly recommend disposing of them BEFORE use rather than after. This cup is a one time investment which you will be VERY glad you have every time you use it. Comfortable good fit no leaks.
5 Star Rating

I love the weight and the smooth feel of the glass.
Great product

5 Star Rating

I was looking for glass and not plastic. This glass fits the bill. Nice shape and the price is good.
Did Not Like

1 Star Rating

We absolutely did NOT like the glass eye wash cups. They were not the contoured cups we have used for so many years. We threw them away as their shape was not fitting our eyes making it very difficult to complete our eye treatments successfully comfortably. We managed to find the properly make ones in Germany.
5 Star Rating

Eye cup is great. I also bought Dr. Christopher's eyebright capsules. What I do is boil 3/4 cup of water, open a capsule and mke eyebright tea. I use this for about a week for eyewash and it works great. I don't have the patience to buy the ingredients and steep my own and this works fine.
5 Star Rating

These are the best eye cups. I already had the plastic eye cups, but after reading Dr. Christopher's recommendation, it made more sense to use the glass. These cups can be sanitized with boiling water. The plastic ones could not be used this way. Money is tight and I started to get one, but it is better to get both so problems in one eye will not be transferred to the other. The other great thing besides sanitation is the cups can be held between the fingers. When the water is poured to the line before the rim, the water will not spill over. Super product!
3 Star Rating

I appreciate the fact the eye cup is made of glass. A good quality glass at that. However, it does not fit snugly around the eye area. Because of the lack of a tight fit, liquid severely leaks from under the eye area. No matter how hard you press it around the eye area, it still leaks. I must place a small towel or tissue under the cup whenever I use it.
5 Star Rating

Dear sir Thank you for your email your product is very good but I have question if you can help me that how I can use distilling water safely ? because we need to use it for long time as recommended from Dr Christopher with eyebright for eye problems because we need to use many times aday is any side effects for distillin water if you many time open and close the bootel of mentioned water please ? thank you very much Saaid
4 Star Rating

it works :)

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