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Dr. Christopher Herbal Cleansing Extract Kit

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12 Bottle

Dr Christopher Herbal Cleansing Extract Kit Description

  • Total 12 bottles

1. Take the following herbal extracts as directed until the formulas are gone.
2. Tailor this program to fit your individual body's needs.
3. Drink a minimum of 8 to 16 glasses of distilled water each day between meals.
4. Avoid mucus promoting foods such as dairy products and red meats as much as possible.
5. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables, grains, seeds, and nuts.
6. If you have any questions or concerns about beginning this intensive cleansing program we recommend that you consult with your health practitioner.

A. Lower Bowel (4 bottles):

This is one of Dr. Christopher's most famous and popular formulas. One of the most important and beneficial factors of this formula is how it stimulates peristaltic action within the lower bowel and the whole body.

Cascara Sagrada Bark, Barberry Bark, Cayenne Extract, Ginger Root, Lobelia Herb, Red Raspberry Leaf, Turkey Rubarb Root, Fennel Seed, and Goldenseal Root.

Take 2 full droppers -
Upon rising in the morning,
One hour before lunch,
Before retiring at bedtime (it helps to drink water 5 minutes after use to help stop stomach discomfort)

B. Liver & Gold Bladder (4 bottles):

Barberry Bark, Wild Yam Root, Peppermint Leaf, Cramp Bark, Catnip Herb, Ginger Root, and Fennel Seed Whole.

Take 2 full droppers 20 minutes before each meal.

C. Kidney (2 bottles):

This formula is a specific for the kidneys. Approximately 80% of the body is liquid, and much of this fluid must be pumped, filtered, etc., through the urinary system of the individual. We generally do not take the best care of this delicate tract. Through it circulates irritating and clogging-type materials, i.e., tea, coffee, soft drinks, hard water, alcohol, etc.

Take 2 full droppers at mid-morning and again in the mid-afternoon.


After one week of using the above 3 formulas (Lower Bowel, Liver & Gall Bladder, Kidney), start the Blood Stream Formula and continue taking the other formulas until they are gone. The one week delay in adding the Blood Stream Formula is absolutely essential because of the effectiveness of this last formula. In the first week the cleansing will open the eliminative channels of the body, allowing a pathway of elimination for the ensuing toxins loosened by the Blood Stream Formula.

D. Blood Stream (2 bottles):

This formula helps promote a healthy and clean blood stream. The blood stream is life itself, and it is our job to keep it clean and pure so that we can have a good circulatory system for delivering food to the body properly, and, in addition, to carry off the waste materials. This herbal blood re-builder is made up of herbs that are cleansers, herbs that give astringency, others aid in removing cholesterol, kill infection, and build elasticity in the veins and strengthen the vein and artery walls. This extract is in a base of pure vegetable glycerine.

Red Clover Combination mix, Glycerin,100 % Pure Vegetable

Directions :
Take 2 droppers full one hour after each meal.

Ginger Root, Goldenseal Root, Juniper Berry, Lobelia, Marshmallow, Parsley Root, and Uva Ursi Leaf. 100% vegetable based glycerin.

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Avg. rating: 4 out of 5 based on 4 reviews
Gets results great stuff

5 Star Rating

Ive been using these products for about 3 weeks now and the results are as promised. I personally dont find the taste truly bad once you get used to it. The Lower Bowel formula is the worst tasting but if you put it in prune juice or something like that its tolerable. Ive gotten used to it at this point and just take it straight. The results are great though. I feel like Im getting cleaned out and refreshed and Ive been losing about a pound a week or so while doing the cleanse in addition to the mucus less diet he recommends. Im not super strict with it but do eat mostly good stuff. My wife is also doing it with me and she still has to put the tinctures in juice but gets them down. She is also seeing some progress and doing well.
Hard 2 swallow !

1 Star Rating

The awful taste makes this a real challenge to swallow. I'm only on my 2nd week and hoping I can last the rest of the month ! I'm use to drinking acv on a daily bases which is right up there when it comes to foul tasting but I'd rather drink a whole bottle of vineger then this anyday, thats how bad this stuff taste !
5 Star Rating

Amazing product, great service! Love the prices, thank you!
5 Star Rating

Great product and great service

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