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IMMUNITION Beta Glucan NSC-100 Extra Strength 30 Capsules

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NSC 100 Description

Immunition™ Extra Strength NSC-100 Nutritionally Supports a Healthy Immune System, Including:

  • Enhanced 10 mg (per capsule) Nutritional Potentiation and Modulation of the Immune Response.

  • Promotes Free Radical Scavenging and Phagocytosis (ingestion and disposal) of toxic microbes

  • Nutritionally promotes immune response enhancement essential to wound healing

  • U.S. Patented Process (6,476,003) unique to MG Glucan in NSC-100 Immunition

The extra strength microparticulate MG Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan in NSC-100™ nutritionally delivers maximum potency and superior potentiation of the immune system. The result is faster response and effectiveness in nutritionally enabling the body to fight back to good health when compromised or hyper (allergies).

An October 2002 peer-reviewed article in "Letters in Applied Microbiology" concludes nonaggregated microparticulate beta glucan (MG glucan) in 10 mg doses has "superior immune potentiation characteristics."

MG Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan extracted from yeast cell wall by a U.S. Patented process (6,476,003) with no harmful yeast proteins, is a proven and safe natural immune response potentiator based on extensive scientific research. And now NSC-100 IMMUNITION contains a potent and natural prebiotic, Inulin - instead of less effective substances.

The MG Beta Glucan in NSC-100™ has enhanced antioxidant properties, but no anti-oxidant negatives, in 10mg capsules. Extremely large dosages are not necessary for this incredible product that nutritionally supports well-being and a quality as well as extended life by potentiating the immune response to successfully fight back against the assault of ill-health invaders on our systems. When maximum strength Beta Glucan is needed, NSC-100 Immunition™ is the answer.

A major determinant of the activity level of the immune system generated by a given beta glucan is production enhancement of nitric oxide - Not weight or volume in a capsule. Based on this peer-reviewed and scientifically accepted standard of measurement of immune potentiation capabilities, NSC IMMUNITION MG Glucan is superior to all competitors - in fact more than twice as potent.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 1 time daily.

Other Ingredients

Inulin and vegetable-derived magnesium stearate.

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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
MG Beta-1, 3/ 1, 6-Glucan
(micronized Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
10mg *
Nutritional Ingredient Benefits:
Potentiates immune response through the macrophage immune cells and in turn the T, B and NK cells. Minimizes negatives from chemotherapy and radiation, promotes free radical scavenging and ingestion and disposal of toxic microbes, promotes cholesterol control, promotes wound recovery and aids immune response in promoting killing of tumors and pathogens
* % Daily Value not established
* Filler is inulin approved by the FDA as a food ingredient

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Avg. rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 68 reviews
5 Star Rating

My husband is on chemo and this helps support his white blood cell count.
Life saver

5 Star Rating

This is a real life saver. I was catching everything there was out there until I started taking Immunition Beta Glucan. I dont go without it now. Since i started taking it on a regular basis about a year ago I havent been sick once Great product and got it at a great price on this website.
5 Star Rating

This is a good product. I have been taking this for about a year and believe I have felt a difference.
5 Star Rating

One word---excellent
5 Star Rating

This is a great product. I use it everyday. Highly recommend.
Great product

5 Star Rating

The best on the market. You will feel the difference. Less colds and being sick great for the immune system.
Miracle medicine

5 Star Rating

I have been taking this product for 5 years since I was diagnosed with advanced cancer. It is an excellent immune system builder I have been very healthy. I have given it to other family members and friends and everyone swears by the results Its a mustfor traveling by airplanes anywhere. My daughter takes it when traveling to third world countries and she doesnt get sick wheneveryone else in her group gets sick. Its really Gods Miracle natural medicine I take one a day but if I feel like I may becoming down with something I take 2 a day. I believe in this product so much I will continue taking it for the rest of my lifeI truly believe it is one supplement that has kept me alive Praise God for His natural cures
5 Star Rating

I think it has kept me from getting sick for 2 years now.
Great Product

5 Star Rating

The best product that I have ever taken. You will feel the difference.
recommend it

5 Star Rating

I have been taking beta glucan for several years. I find it to be very good in protecting your immune system.
The best their is

5 Star Rating

Been taking this for years. I do feel much better as I think this product is a good defense against carcinogens.
5 Star Rating

Been taking for years. My Natural Market has the best prices.
5 Star Rating

This product works. If you want results and feel better this is the one for you. Price is the best that I can find -------Great product.
better than penicillin

5 Star Rating

I was introduced to beta glucan many years ago while doing temp phone work. I found that it is very valuable to have on hand to fight many infections. I heard of Immunition brand on a TV show and liked what they said about it. Whenever something hits me as it did recently I go for it along with vitamin C with bioflavinoids to knock down what ever is trying to get a hold. It is like going to a doctor for antibiotics. But this is much safer and far less expensive.
5 Star Rating

the product is excellent and the price is the best to be found
5 Star Rating

I have been taking Beta Glucan 00 daily for over 5 years. I discovered your site recently and was very happy to see the price difference. I had ordered from the manufacturer and it took over a week to receive my order. I ordered from you and received it very quickly besides the great price and am extremely pleased. Thank you so much
Excellent Product

5 Star Rating

My husband doesnt really believe in products like this but when he starts to get a sniffle or feels like a cold is coming on it is the first thing that he reaches for. We find it very effective at fighting colds it really minimizes the symptoms. I myself have a very weak immune system and when I take this I dont get sick half as much as I used to without this. Thank you so much for this product
Immune Enhancer

5 Star Rating

Its difficult to fairly rate this product without blood test results to prove its working or not. I wont know this until first week of November 2014. However when taken previously I had a good report 6 months in a row so I have restarted this product to see if this is the catalyst. Having stopped taking this product early in 2014 my blood test results began rising in a negative way. What I can fairly say is that this site has provided the best pricing Ive found to date for this exact product which comes in several formulas. I also can state there are no side effects for me that my health remains strong that my illness while measurable allows me to be drugprescription free at this time.
Good product

5 Star Rating

Excellent supplement I feel revitalized and not feeling tired anymore is also helping my psa to stay low.
Useful for chemo

5 Star Rating

They seem to really help with the side effects. I think theyre keeping me feeling stronger too.
5 Star Rating

Great product I take one a day and it really seems to help my immune system.
Great Immune Builder

5 Star Rating

This is the best supplement I know of to build the immune system I started taking it 3 years ago..I take it daily and it keeps my immune system strong I highly Recommend it
5 Star Rating

We've used the Beta Glucan 24 for years and don't get colds or flu. We believe in this product and tell friends and family about it. We are now getting the NSC 100 so will really be covered.
Fantastic Product

5 Star Rating

I appreciate the free sample of the Beta Glucan Immunition NSC 100 Extra Strength which gave me a chance to see if my system could handle the product. I'm happy to say it did. I could feel the difference within a few days. I've been on it now for about a week. I'm a cancer survivor and have hopes of ramping up my immune system to regain my health. Thank your for selling such a great product. It arrived in a timely manner.
wonderful!I would recconmend!

5 Star Rating

I love this product and used to buy it from NSC, but cheaper here. It has helped to make my immune system work soo such better!
3 Star Rating

My friend recommended Beta Glucan for my chronic sinus and alllergies. I finished an entire bottle and it didn't help me with my condition. Although, I believe it could help with other health problems.
5 Star Rating

I have had good results with this product; I have been giving it to my 11 year old son who picks up viruses easily. His immune system has been stronger since he has been taking it. I also take one when I feel like I am coming down with something and it helps.
5 Star Rating

Starting with the free sample from NSC24, we could tell the increased wellness from taking NSC-100 Extra Strength Beta Glucan. It helps both my husband and me keep free of colds and flu with the beta glucan strengthening our immune systems. He at 63 is recovering from colon cancer surgery with no chemo or radiation, I at 58 am getting rid of a lifetime of antibiotic and fungal related issues. The beta glucan, combined with wise lifestyle choices, is so much better than flu shots and prescription meds!
5 Star Rating

Started using and feel better. Talked to oncologist and radiologist. Both very open minded doctors who said it can't hurt. So wil keep taking. Fighting Stage IV Melanoma. 2nd time on the melamona. First time was in my ee 15 years ago.
3 Star Rating

We did not see a big difference in how we felt or how it kept us from getting sick, but we only took it for a month. My husband took it for heart health.
5 Star Rating

This product is the ONLY thing I've used in years which make a difference in my severe allergies and recurrent sinus infections. I was not responding to script meds or allergy shots when I heard about this product on Dr. Richard Becker's TV program. Since taking this product, I have only had one upper respiratory infection in the past three years. Also, my allergies are much, much improved! I haven't experienced these results with any other product.
5 Star Rating

The product really works. I had purchased this product to help in the aftermath of a surgery. Before I could start taking the pills, I developed flu like symptoms. I started taking the pills and by the next day my symptoms were gone. I expect that taking this product may have also helped my recovery from surgery without complications of infection.
5 Star Rating

An amazing product!
5 Star Rating

I been on Beta Glugcan NSc 100 about 6 weeks, I feel a lot better
5 Star Rating

Your shipment arrived very quickly. Actually it came 4 days before an order I placed with another supplier. Thanks for the quick service!!!
5 Star Rating

wouldnt be without it.
5 Star Rating

I just cannot suffieciently express how much this product does to help enhance the immune system and establish a better condition of optimal health for anyone using it. It truly is a miracle product and I am so very grateful to Frank Jordan and all who were instrumental in bringing the Beta Glucans to the public.
5 Star Rating

This is an excellent product that has helped my immune system become stronger to fight all my health problems
5 Star Rating

i learned of this product on know the cause for 8 years ihave been to dr after dr to no avail after getting to the point that i could no longer function or show up for work fortunatley i own my own business so i just continued to have to stay in bed for longer and longer periods with no relief when i would eventually get out of bed i still felt exhausted by taking beta glucan dr oharas probiotis and bio active antifungals i more or less began to be able to get out of bed more and more. if i run out of my beta glucan you can believe iwill be back in bed it really boosts my immune system iwont be without it .
5 Star Rating

My 96 year old mom and I have taken this product for the 2 1/2 years I have been her 24-7 caregiver. We have not had so much as a sniffle. No flu shots, or any other shots. NSC is a great company and offers incredible information on their website. Check it out, and watch KNOW THE CAUSE

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