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North American Herb & Spice
Sinu Orega Nasal Spray 2 fl oz

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2 fl oz

North American Herb and Spice Sinu Orega Description

  • Emulsified oils of wild oregano, bay leaf, sage, and clove in a sea salt base
  • SinuOrega is a truly natural nasal spray, free of all chemicals and additives.

Sinu-Orega is a natural nasal wash powered by potent spice extracts. These powerful extracts are combined with pure sea salt in a spring water base, the ideal wash and inhalant for the nasal membranes and sinuses.

Fungi and mold spores are alive in our environment. They flourish in the air we breathe because of spring rains and the subsequent moisture that settles. They enter our bodies through nasal passages and then thrive upon the sugar in our diet. Consequently, it is very important to not only keep our environment free of the things that allow mold and fungi to flourish, but also our bodies. Unfortunately, these environmental factors can render some defenseless against sinus infection.

North American Herb&Spice SinuOrega is the superior choice to aid the cleansing process of the nasal membranes. Combined with the powerful, wild-crafted essential oils of Oregano , sage, bay leaf, and clove, the pure sea salt in springwater base acts as a powerful saline wash. SinuOrega is truly natural nasal spray, free of all chemicals and additives.


Insert nozzle next to inner nasal membrane and gently squirt. Immediately sniff contents deeply to distribute throughout the sinuses. Repeat with each nostril. For best results sniff deeply. Repeat as needed. Temporary burning, stinging, sneezing, or increased nasal discharge may occur. Non-Addictive.


Springwater, wild oil of oregano, sea salt, clove bud oil, oil of sage, and oil of bay leaf.

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Avg. rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 18 reviews
Great product

5 Star Rating

A great nasal spray Theres a sting to it but does an excellent job at clearing things up
Awesome product

5 Star Rating

This product saved me. I have been using it every single day for about 5 years now. It really shortens my colds cleared up my allergies indoor and outdoor and I rarely even catch a cold now. Plus it clears up a stuffed up nose. My homeopathic Dr. told me to use it before every meal each day. But I usually just do twice once in the morning and once before bed. It works much better when new and weakens upon time opened. That is the only thing I do not like.
5 Star Rating

I love this product. My family I have suffered with yeast related issues. This nasal spray has been very helpful in clearing our sinuses. When I started doing research about 15 years ago on oregano for medicinal purposes I read the book The Cure is in the Cupboard. Dont need a doctor just a simple herb can cure many ailments. I would recommend these products to family friends.
5 Star Rating

GREAT PRODUCT! I am using it with the Oil of Oregano and the results are fast! If you have allergies, a must for your daily routines.
Works Fast

5 Star Rating

Works fast and great service.
5 Star Rating

Excellent product! Have been on it for 4 years and have not needed antibiotics ever since after being a long-time sufferer of reoccuring sinus and ear infections. A bit strong until you get used to it but does wonders even for the common cold to clear up in a few days. Also soothes sore throats. I'm hooked!
4 Star Rating

The stuff is fantastic. I admit it does sting at first. It\'s like, \"whoah! what\'s happening?\" and then you are able to breathe again. In fact, since I have been using this product occasionally for the past few months, I have not had even a cold. I simply spray at the first sign of stuffiness or tiny sneeze, and voila. It stops. Please keep making the stuff! Thanks!
3 Star Rating

I was happy with the product BUT it quit working when it was still 1/3 full. I took the top off and the spray tube only went 2/3rds of the way to the bottom. I don't know if they was a mistake or a ripoff, but I was very disappoiinted, especially after what they charge for the stuff.
4 Star Rating

I just started to use this.. Seems good so far although I must say don't use to much.. it made my nose bleed which is very unusal for me.. I belive it was because I used to much to fast, but it made the duration of my cold much shorter.
4 Star Rating

Oregano oil is very potent stuff which should be used carefully. It is one of the few products that I know of which ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IS NECESSARY to enhance a person's health, imo. The only problem is its strong odor and burning abilities may be too much for some to handle, but whatever the manufacturers do, DO NOT CHANGE THE PRODUCT, PLEASE!
5 Star Rating

There is nothing better on the market! I used to have sinus headaches and other problems with mucus. I have not had any major sinus infections for the past 3 years that I have been using this. I have given this to several family members and friends and they all rave about it. At the first sign of a seasonal allergy, I use the Sinu spray. Best thing to take on a trip.
5 Star Rating

the product seems to be working very well.
5 Star Rating

very good spray for my sinus. Have other family members using the spray also.
5 Star Rating

I was desesperate to find a product that would help me with my sinuses and head pressure and my alergies. well I'm happy to say that I found it,the Oreganol Spray is fantastic, it stings a little, but I can take it because I have found relief and I can Breath through my NOSE again!!I'm also getting the Oreganol capsules. Thank you all for your wonderful products.
5 Star Rating

Good company. I got exactly what I ordered when they said it would come. Thanks.
5 Star Rating

This product stings a little but I think using it each day helps to keep down sinus infections.
5 Star Rating

Excellent product! My husband has had sinus issues since childhood (he\'s 43 now) and this is the first product that worked immediately without using chemicals with addictive properties. The spray would be better as a \"mist\", and burns a bit for the first 15 seconds or so, but the result is incredible. My husband hasn\'t been so clear, for so long, ever! I would buy this product again.
5 Star Rating

Using this spray for spring. Helps tremendously.

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